What’s my type? The best paper types for your brand.

Just as every being has a skin type, every business should have a paper type. Which one of course, depends on your brand and marketing intention. There are different paper types, and each can speak volumes about your business. Here is our quick guide to getting your paper type right, every time.


First impressions count. To attract new customers, it’s important to present your print how you would yourself. Be professional.

When considering paper types, think about what message you are trying to convey through your print. Are you advertising your exclusive, award-winning spa and want to create a sense of luxury? If so, cheap budget paper probably isn’t ideal. Will you be handing out mass flyers promoting a one-time special offer? Then spending out on the most luxurious finish may not be necessary.

Next, think about the purpose of you print. Do you want to be able to write on it? If yes, you’ll need to  opt for uncoated.

Here are five important rule to follow when choosing paper types:


  1. For a classy finish, choose matt or silk.
  2. For visual prints and images, gloss is best.
  3. To make strong messages stand out, go for a heavier paper.
  4. For durable prints, you’ll want lamination.
  5. If you want to write on your print, you’ll need an uncoated finish.


Don’t underestimate the power of the paper! For help and advice, contact us and chat to one of our friendly team. We’ll be happy to discuss paper types and ensure you make the right choice to showcase your business in the best possible light!

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