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Here at True Design and Print, we really do believe that image is everything. Developing quality design and branding is at the core of what we do. We believe that branding is an important investment for your business and once that should be considered carefully. DIY branding can appear amateur, thus affecting consumer perception and ultimately limiting the full potential of the business. Branding can have a powerful impact on customers and strongly influence their buying decisions. You’ll want to ensure that your branding has been well thought out, carefully planned, and professionally designed.

Clever and meaningful branding can be the difference between a business breaking even and a highly profitable, rapidly expanding empire. We develop branding specifically for start ups and small-to-medium size businesses to not only provide cutting edge logo designs, but to create a high impact visual identity to be proud of.

We’ve been helping business to attract more customers for almost a decade, acting as an all-in-one dedicated marketing service. Our high quality printing and professional graphic design services create lasting impressions.

first impressions count

What does your logo say about your business?

"Good design is good business."

logo design

Need help creating a stand-out logo for your brand, business or blog?

We consider your brand’s core values and convey them through clever graphic design to provide you with an iconic logo you can be proud of. We outline the visual aspects of your brand identity to create a logo that audiences will instantly associate with your business. We consider the core values and consumer demographics before carefully selecting effective colours and fonts to create a high impact logo that alone will speak volumes of your brand. With the careful use of colour, typography and textures we can create a strong logo that your competitors will envy.

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marketing materials

It’s not just a great logo you’ll need if you want to create strong, highly effective branding.

Marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, and digital and paper advertisements can speak volumes about the authenticity of a brand. Think about it, if you use amateur-looking budget marketing and advertisements to promote your products or services, what kind of impression is that giving prospective customers? Consumers are becoming more and more savvy, and they want the best and most for their hard-earned money. Cheap-looking marketing materials will give the impression that your products or services are just that; cheap.

To convert potential customers into actual customers, you’ll need to stand out from the array of competitors with high impact, stunning marketing materials. Often, a business card, flyer, poster or online advertisement will be the first insight a customer has into your business. First impressions count, so let’s make sure that those initial experiences are positive ones that will help to bring you sales and, in turn, loyal and regular customers.

social media branding

Having a presence on social media is incredibly important for your brand, but it can also be highly competitive due to the vast selection of other businesses offering similar products or services to you.

An increasing number of consumers are turning to a brand’s social media pages to conduct their own research before deciding to buy. They want social proof that the business is legit, and the easiest way to do this is by checking out a company’s social media profile.

If you’re planning to use social media to sell your services or products (and you should), you’ll need to make sure that your social media profiles are attractive, eye-catching and well-branded with engaging and relevant content. Social media marketing is whole other topic, but you should at least start with a strong social media profile. Consistent and eye-catching profile pictures and cover headers are the starting point. We can help to make your social media profiles stand out from the crowd with professionally designed artwork that is consistent with your branding and compatible for each social media platform.


design to help you stand out

Logo design

Cutting edge design, high impact image. Draw eyes to your advertisements, get your customers hooked and create lasting impressions.

Branding kits

Do you know your brand's font pairings, colours, common themes and targeted audience? Get more consistent with our help.

Business cards

With a huge range of professionally printed business cards, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need.

Social media set up

Social media is undoubtedly a crucial marketing tool. Stand out on social media with professionaly designed cover and profile images.

Flyers, posters, leaflets

First impressions count. Let's make sure you're showing off your brand in the best possible light. Need some printed materials designed? Let's get started.

Branded merchandise

Promote your business and grab the attention of your customers with exceptional printed merchandise. Go that bit extra.

social media design kit


one-off fee

  • Professionally designed social media profile headers and profile images for 5 social media platforms
  • Have the files sent to you in various file formats (JPG, PNG, PDF)
  • Each designed to the individual sizing requirements of each social media channel
  • Have the files sent to you in various file formats (JPG, PNG, PDF)
  • Creates a professional and coherent image across each social media platform to ensure that your brand is recognised


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